What is a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon is an expert that nurtures trees to good health while providing services that can promote tree conservation. They are professionals when it comes to tree care services and cultivation, and they implement their knowledge and skills to assess the health of trees they encounter so that they can conduct the most effective tree care services to restore their health or at best maintain it.

This article aims to explain what’s tree surgeon really is, so if you’re interested in finding out more, then simply read on. 

What is the main job of a ‘tree surgeon’? 

Summertime – When a tree is sick.

Tree felling is simply another name for cutting down a tree and it can be dangerous if it’s not carried out correctly, so tree surgeons will always perform a risk assessment first to identify any obstacles or potential difficulties. Once the area is secure, the felling can begin and this is usually done using a chainsaw. First, the trunk will be pruned to remove any excess branches or twigs before the felling cut is made across the bottom of the trunk.

Wintertime – When a tree is well.

Tree pruning is used to carefully reduce a tree’s size, either because they’ve outgrown its space, or if there are damaged or diseased branches which need to be removed. Most types of trees are pruned in the late summer, but some deciduous trees will be pruned in winter when the branches are more visible. There are several different types of tree pruning, including crown thinning, crown lifting (by removing the lower branches), an all-over trim or pollarding (an extreme form of pruning where the entire head or crown is removed).

Other jobs that could or would be part of the work of a tree surgeon include: 

  • Looking after trees in towns and cities by performing large-scale industrial landscaping that can stand the test of time 
  • Traveling remote areas of the country where trees and plant life, in general, are more unruly and harder to contain
  • Helping gardens to look totally prestige and manicured as whole

How long does it take to become a tree surgeon?

It’s surprisingly less tricky than you might expect to become a tree surgeon, especially if you have a passion for all things wild and nature related. 

 how somebody could be a tree surgeon, where they could do this and the qualifications they would need. You can go to university, or college or even get an apprenticeship that allows you to learn on the job. You may be able to start as a ground worker, supporting a qualified tree surgeon. You could then progress by completing further training to use chainsaws, ropes, ladders and harnesses. You can access these types of courses from private training providers and further education colleges, so it’s worth looking into. 

Understanding more about what a tree surgeon really is will help you to make the most informed decision. If you want to find a tree surgeon that you can trust, then reach out to Woods Tree care to get in touch with our expert team today.