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Professional Tree Surgery Services in Leicester by Wood's Tree Care. Specialising in Tree planting, Expert Tree Surgery, and thorough Tree Inspections for your tree care needs.

As a highly skilled and experienced arborist, we specialise in all aspects of tree care, from trimming to tree removal, along with various related all woods tree service. our passion for trees allows me to undertake my work and provide you with only the best results every time whether you need one-time service or ongoing service to maintain your trees and hedge throughout the year entirely.

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Fencing Services

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Hedge Trimming

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Tree Pruning

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Tree Removal

Why Choose Woods Tree Care?

At Woods Tree Care, we’re dedicated to the meticulous care and maintenance of trees, hedges, and fencing across the county. As a highly skilled and seasoned arborist in Leicestershire, we specialise in an array of tree care services, encompassing everything from hedge trimming to proficient tree removal. Offering professional tree management, tree surgery services, tree planting, and thorough tree inspections. Our passion for tree care and commitment to excellence ensures top-tier results. As your trusted arborist and tree cutters in Leicester, we understand each tree, hedge, or fencing requirement is unique. That’s why we offer bespoke solutions, whether it’s a one-time service or ongoing maintenance. We aim to preserve the health, aesthetics, and safety of your outdoor spaces and landscape. Beyond our all woods tree service, we value building lasting relationships rooted in trust, expertise, and reliability. Our pride lies in surpassing expectations and leaving behind a legacy of thriving greenery and contented customers. 

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Tree services

Tree services you can expect from an arborist in Leicester include;

Whether undertaking crown reduction or tree felling, I take pride in my work and want you to be happy with my service and results.

tree service like hedge cutting and maintenance by tree surgeons in leicester

Fencing services

In addition to arborist services, I can also undertake various fencing tasks to secure your property and create a well-constructed and efficient boundary.

At Woods Tree Care, you can book the following fencing jobs;

  • Feather Edge
  • Concrete post
  • Gravel boards
  • Picket Fence
tree service like fencing by tree surgeons in leicester

Hedge cutting + maintenance

Your hedge can provide your property with added protection and privacy and be an attractive part of your landscaping. However, from time to time, your hedge will need attention to ensure they are healthy and looking good at all times. Your responsibility is to ensure that your hedge doesn’t obstruct public footpaths and surrounding areas.

At Woods Tree Care, we offer a range of hedge services as and when required based on your particular needs. We take pride in being able to trim hedges to boost their appeal and ensure they are in as good a condition as possible.

A hedge is a natural screen, a wildlife habitat and much nicer to look at than fencing or a wall. Whether you want ongoing seasonal time or frequent terms throughout the year, I can advise you on the best course of action to ensure your hedge is looking good at all times.

My services include;

  • Regular hedge trimming
  • Overgrown hedge trimming
  • Hedge reshaping
  • Hedge removal, including roots when required
  • Advice on the best type of hedge for your property.

With all garden care jobs we perform, I ensure your property is left clean and tidy and remove all rubbish from your parcel to be disposed of correctly.

Our Work

Every completed work in our portfolio epitomises our unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Our services are executed with utmost care and respect for your property, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety. Trust Woods Tree Care for all your tree maintenance needs in Leicester.

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tree services like tree trimming by tree surgeons in leicester
tree services like tree pruning by tree surgeons in leicester
tree services like tree maintenance by tree surgeons in leicester
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tree services like tree cutting by tree surgeons in leicester