Tree Surgeon Market Harborough

With over 12 years of experience in all aspects of tree care, hedge trimming and maintenance and fencing services, at Woods Tree Care, we are pleased to serve Market Harborough and local areas for all of your arborist needs.

We take immense pride in offering only the best dedicated services for trees to allow you to care for them in the best way possible and to ensure that the tree is healthy and safe all year round.

tree surgeon market harborough

Do you have an old tree that is dying or needs dead branches removed?

Rather than attempt to resolve the issue yourself, it is recommended that all tree trimming and removal services are carried out by a trained professional who is qualified and insured to carry out this type of work. At Woods Tree Care, we are fully insured, and our passion and commitment to the restoration and preservation of trees show through in all aspects of our work.

Tree Surgeon in Market Harborough Hedge and Fencing Services.

In addition to our tree trimming services, we also offer a range of hedge services and fence work too. Our local tree surgeons in Market Harborough Highly skilled in tree work and tree surgery Your hedge can be a great addition to your property and a more attractive part of your landscaping. We can work with you to ensure your hedge is carefully maintained at all times and is healthy too. Protect your boundaries with expert fencing installed by Woods Tree Services, including using

Concrete posts


Feather edging


Gravel boards


Picket fences

tree surgeon for hedge trimming at market harborough

Hedge Trimming

tree surgeon for fencing services at market harborough

Fencing Services

tree surgeon for tree removal at market harborough

Tree Removal

tree surgeon for tree pruning at market harborough

Tree Pruning

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Tree Pruning Market Harborough


We are skilled in aspects of tree pruning and trimming, and we can use a variety of techniques to ensure your tree is taken care of correctly.

In the first instance, we need to fully assess your tree to discover the best course of action, be it crown reducing, crown lifting, pollarding or dormant pruning. The exact course of action depends on the tree in question, as we can discuss this with you in more detail when you request a free no-obligation quote. For some services such as pollarding, you will be required to maintain this via ongoing pruning; however, some trees such as evergreens only require seasonal trimming to keep them looking at their best.

Is your tree overgrowing onto neighbouring properties in Market Harborough or public walkways and areas?

Rectify this issue quickly and efficiently with our tree trimming service for all residents n Market Harborough and surrounding areas with Woods Tree Care; not only will we trim your trim in a way that is mindful and respectful of your tree but also we take great care in protecting your property and we remove all debris once the work is completed to. We are also experts in tree and stump removal and can work safely to ensure the whole tree is removed as required from your property. In the event of a Tree Preservation Order, we can work with you to ascertain the order’s status, if applicable and help you navigate the application process to carry out any required works legally.