Tree Surgeon Loughborough

At Woods Tree Care, we are proud to offer our tree surgeon services to Loughborough and surrounding areas.

As a fully qualified and experienced arborist, we ensure your tree and property are cared for in the best way possible. We are passionate about what we do and always strive to offer the best possible service and results to our clients regardless of how big or small the job is.
We approach each assignment with a passion. Whether it’s a substantial tree care project or routine tree maintenance in Loughborough, our team is committed to the health and vitality of your trees and the safety of your property. We deliver peace of mind and your satisfaction is our foremost priority.

Tree Surgeon Loughborough

Why Use Tree Surgeons Loughborough?

Over time, trees on your property need care and attention to help reduce common problems trees are prone to and for environmental reasons, such as blocking a neighbour’s property or overhanging onto public spaces, causing an obstruction.

Regardless of why you need a local tree specialist, we aim to ensure your tree is back to its best condition or removed when required with due care and attention.


Our expert knowledge allows us to assess each tree on a case-by-case basis and determine the best course of action concerning prunings, removals, etc. If you are located in Loughborough or surrounding areas, you can contact us for your free no-obligation quote today to see how best to care for your trees.


In cases where there is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on your tree, we can work with you to put in an application on your behalf for any work or removals that are required to be carried out. You can check with your local council's tree officer to determine if a TPO is assigned to your tree or trees.

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Tree Surgeon Loughborough Services

In most cases, all aspects of tree trimming and crown reduction should be carried out by professionals to ensure the tree is looked after properly and no damage is caused, but also ensure your safety and the correct disposal of removed tree branches and limbs. At Woods Tree Care, we are qualified and insured to undertake all manner of tree-related tasks, and our passion allows us to do this in a considerate and beneficial way for both your property and your tree. We offer expert tree felling services at competitive prices. Choose Woods Tree Care for expert tree services in Loughborough, including tree surgery, pruning trees, and tree felling. Our highly skilled team ensures the safe removal of dangerous trees.

We provide the following tree surgeon services in and around Loughborough;

Tree Surgeon Loughborough Services

An all-over trim in spring or summer:

Appropriate for smaller, evergreen trees, performed every one to two years.

Tree Surgeon Loughborough Services

Pruning when dormant:

Shortening side branches make the tree trimmer and more attractive. This technique lets in light and reduces the tree’s vulnerability to wind damage; It also allows you to remove diseased or damaged wood. 

Tree Surgeon Loughborough Services


An extreme form of pruning in which the entire head or crown is removed. This option can make attractive small trees, although it incurs the cost of repeated pruning.

Tree Surgeon Loughborough Services

Crown lifting:

Carried out by lifting the crown and removing lower branches to allow for access for mowing, mulching and enjoying the shade cast by the tree.

Tree Surgeon Loughborough Services

Crown thinning:

Crown thinning lets in more light by removing, up to 30 per cent, of the branches. This is best attempted in stages to avoid ruining or damaging the beauty or shape of the tree.

Tree Surgeon Loughborough Services

We also offer:

Tree and stump removal services, hedge trimming and fencing work too alongside all aspects of tree care.