Tree Surgeon Woodhouse Eaves

Attaining professional help with your tree, hedging, and fencing needs is ideal to remain safe and achieve the best results. 

Whether you have a huge garden project to fulfil or wish to prune a tree that has had little care over the years, we at Woods Treecare will guarantee to provide the best outcome.

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Why Use Tree Surgeons in Woodhouse Eves?

A Tree Surgeon Woodhouse Eves will ensure to help fulfil your tree, hedge, or fence goal with minimal damage to your garden and professional results.

With over 12 years of experience in various locations around Leicester, you can ensure to obtain the best results and pay the right price. Our services will not overcharge you as we offer nothing but competitive rates.

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Hedge Trimming

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Fencing Services

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Tree Removal

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Tree Pruning

Here are the services we can offer.

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Here are the service we can offer


Fencing Services

Having a safe and aesthetic fence should be everyone’s garden goal.

Whether you require a new fence or need help repairing an existing one, our services can assist with that. We can provide feather edging, installing concrete posts, adding gravel boards, and installing picket fences.


Hedge Trimming

If you need to maintain your hedges, avoid doing it yourself and obtain safe and professional results by using a tree surgeon.

As we are equipped with the right tools and experience, we can guarantee to trim back a hedge and ensure to keep them fertile so they are beautiful and lasting year-round.

 Even if you are experiencing pests in your hedges, causing disruption and irritation to your garden and family, we can control the issue and remove them. You do not want to live with overhanging or infested hedges, so obtain professional services to guarantee your garden is safe and beautiful at all times.


Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is essential if you want your trees looking the part throughout the year. 

Whether your tree(s) have dead branches, broken branches due to storms, have become misshapen, or are too thick and high, we can offer the right services to make your tree safe and aesthetic again. Removing damaged branches or cutting your tree down is not something you should try and do yourself. It can pose dangers and you can risk damaging your tree further. 

With professional arborist assistance, you can prune your tree and make it beautiful again. 

If you wish to shape your trees, we can assist with that too. Whatever tree service you require, we can ensure deliver the best results. 


Tree Removal

Removing a tree always requires professional help. 

No matter what type or size tree you have, our services can guarantee to remove it without causing damage to your property. 

As well as removing the tree from its position, we will remove it from the garden and leave the outside space clean and tidy. 

Furthermore, if your trees have a preservation order, the team will sort that on your behalf.

Contact us today to seek help with maintaining trees, hedges, and fencing. Although you might wish to take a shot at being an arborist yourself, it is best to seek professional help for safer and expert results.