How to Cut Down a 20-Foot Tree

A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to cutting down a tree, you don’t want to approach such a project without the right guidance. If you try and cut down a twenty-foot tree, for example, you could end up doing some major damage to your property, the surrounding properties, or some poor, unsuspecting pedestrian!

So before you go taking a saw to a tree on your property, make sure to read this useful guide first.

Safety first

As with anything we do in the UK that involves danger, it’s important to don the right safety equipment. You’ll want to wear protective clothing that will keep you safe and won’t cause any additional dangers as a result. That should be goggles to protect your eyes, gloves to protect your hands, long trousers, and sleeves.

Be sure to clear the surrounding area from people and pets before you attempt any cutting. You’ll also want to be aware of any power lines that might be nearby and as we’ve mentioned, other obstacles whether that be property or vehicles nearby.

Sometimes in this instance, if you’re unsure it’s best to approach a professional with knowledge of tree surgery. A tree surgeon Loughborough like Wood Tree Care is a good match for your tree-cutting and hedge trimming needs.

Tools needed

To cut down the tree effectively, you’ll need a chainsaw with a sharp blade, powerful enough for your 20-foot tree. Additionally, you may need to have a rope or cable handy in case you need assistance in pulling down the tree. Sometimes, you’ll need to remove small branches before taking down the main part of it.

Cutting down your tree

To cut down the tree, you’ll need to make an undercut about one-third of the way up from the base of the trunk. This should be done on one side of the tree and creates a hinge to help guide the direction in which way the tree falls.

A professional tree surgeon Leicester like Woods Tree Care can make sure to bring down your tree without it falling down the wrong way – a problem that could arise with DIY efforts.

Once the undercut is complete you’ll make another cut on the opposite side of the trunk parallel with the first cut. This should meet in the middle and form an X shape at the base. This ensures that once you make your final cut through both sides of the trunk, it falls in the direction you intended due to gravity pulling on its weight from above.

Make the final cut through both sides, at the base of the trunk, and stand as far back as possible. Watch in awe as gravity takes over and pulls your tree over – hopefully the right way.

Cleaning Up After Cutting Down Your Tree

There’s quite a bit of work that comes with cutting down the tree after it’s been cut. You’ll want to get rid of the tree, as well as all the remaining debris.

If the project itself seems like too big of a task, then we recommend getting in touch with us today. We can take it all off your hands while you sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Get in touch today if you require any tree-cutting services. We also offer a number of other services that might be of interest such as Pollarding, Crown thinning, Crown lifting, General pruning, Fencing services and more!