How Do You Estimate Hedge Trimming?

Hedges are popular and attractive features for gardens; they afford homeowners added privacy and an enhancement to their property, and hedges are essential for local wildlife too. When it comes to hedge trimming, multiple factors will influence the cost of your hedge trimming services.

Factors Influencing Hedge Trimming Costs

Hedge trimming isn’t a simple task, and care needs to be taken when carrying out any gardening work in relation to your hedge. When getting a quote for work to bring your hedge under control, you can reasonably expect that the following factors will influence the overall price for the job;

  • The size of the hedge – hedge trimming can take anywhere from an hour to 3 hours, depending on the size.
  • The shape and height – the shape and height of your hedge will influence the final cost; tall or shaped hedges will require more work and time to get the proper cut.
  • Accessibility – Access to the hedge will also affect how long it will take; for example, if it is on a busy street, it will take longer to account for the passer and interruptions.
  • The condition of the hedge – If your hedge is in poor condition or overgrown excessively, the cost will increase as it will take more time and work to get it back into a healthy state.
  • Specialist equipment – If your hedge trimming service provider requires specialist equipment such as ropes and ladders to reach all parts of the hedge.
  • Where you’ve – those residing in London or the southeast, for example, will likely pay more for a hedge or tree trimming service.

The Average Cost of Hedge Trimming Services

Knowing what will influence the cost of your hedge trimming service, it’s essential to get a thorough idea of how much you can expect to pay contractors to carry out this work. Most people can expect prices to start from around £60 per hour for basic trimming services, with an average of £90 across the country. This will increase depending on the complexity of the task. You might find costs increase upwards of £140 per hour.

Tips to Estimate Hedge Trimming Costs

Before getting quotes, it can be helpful to assess the current condition of your hedge and take some measurements. This will help you when you come to get quotes. If you look for the above-mentioned factors in your hedge, you can get a rough idea of how long it will take for the work to be carried out and how easy it will be. You can expect to pay a higher hourly rate if you have larger hedges than those with more compact-sized fences.

From here, you can ring around contractors to get quotes and assess the type of prices you are given.

How to Find the Right Hedge Trimming Contractor

Finding the right contractor can be tricky. The best course of action is to get quotes in person from experienced contractors to help you determine the work that will be carried out, how they will approach the job and what they recommend. From here, you can make a more informed decision.

At WoodsTree Care, we are experts in tree surgeon and arborist work that can help you maintain and enhance the condition of your hedges via our expert hedge trimming and tree trimming services. Contact us today to get your hedge trimming quote.