How dangerous is being a tree surgeon?

Tree surgery is a skill that requires a mix of expertise, bravery and experience. Because of this, if you need to fall any trees or require a hedge trimming service, it is essential to recognise the risks involved and hire a professional for the best results and, more importantly, your safety. 

Here at Woods Tree Care Leicester, we pride ourselves on the distinction and safety of our service. We strongly advise that for any complex horticultural job, you hire our team for the best possible results. If you don’t think you need our assistance, let us explain some of the risks involved in arborist work. 

Working at Heights

The most apparent dangers tree surgeons face resulting from working at considerable heights. Scaling tall trees and operating on elevated platforms requires experience and physical strength. Any momentary lapse of concentration could lead to a severe injury or even a fatality. 

Tree surgeons also rely on their knowledge and ability to use specialist equipment not available to the public, examples of which include:

Cranes: These are used when basic practices are too dangerous for the arborist, homeowner or their property. Cranes can be used to lift the worker into heights impossible to climb or to control the movement of timber once it has been cut down.

Harnesses:  Used to raise the tree surgeon via the crane and prevent them from serious harm if they fall. 

Wood Chippers: A hazardous piece of equipment, if misused, a wood chipper is used to dispose of or reuse any fallen timber. 

Without this specialist equipment, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result or perform any more extensive tasks safely. For any of your horticultural needs, contact a Loughborough tree surgeon to make use of our specialised equipment and the expertise of our staff. 

Falling Objects

Injuries from falling branches and debris are a considerable risk when pruning and cutting down trees. Though you may not think so, even the smaller pieces of loose timber can be exceptionally heavy or sharp. If this shrapnel were to strike anyone below, an injury would likely occur. Knowledge of rigging techniques and access to protective equipment is necessary to mitigate this risk. Our tree surgeons understand how to form safe environments for themselves and our clients. The top priority of Woods Tree Care Leicester is keeping our staff and customers safe. 

Disease Risks

A lesser-known hazard of tree surgery is exposure to diseases detrimental to human health. When working on trees, it is vital to identify these diseases and understand how to deal with them. Various types of tree fungi, for example, can cause respiratory issues and skin infections. 

No matter whether you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Hinckley, tree surgeon in Lutterworth or a tree surgeon Market Harborough, we prioritise the health and safety of employees and clients by ensuring that our tree surgeons are well-trained in identifying and managing diseases in trees. We also have set out stringent protocols to contain the spread of infections and maintain proper sanitation practices.

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Tree surgery is challenging and hazardous work which requires extensive training. Do not take on big jobs by yourself. Instead, please get in touch with us via phone or our website for a free quote to satisfy your horticultural needs while staying safe.